Classic Cups

Classic and often understated, you can’t go wrong with a cup, from gold and silver to coloured there is a large selection of cups for any occasion. These are personalised with a centre and engraving.

Most major sports and events are covered in the selection of centres we offer although we may not be able to provide a sport or event specific centre, in this case we can provide place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and other more general centres such as stars. 


We use aluminium plates on our trophies and the price of the plate depends on the length of the engraving and if they are individually specific to each trophy; if they are all uniform the price is reduced. 

Price on application.

Cups Checklists Steps

1. Choose your cup and quantity

2. Specify centre and engraving

3. Send us an order form and we will get in touch


At request for larger orders, or orders including medals, we can produce club specific centres although this will mean a greater cost to the order.

Due to the cost custom centres can have a minimum order of 100 and the price is dependant on the artwork sent to us. This kind of order is best made by a phone conversation with ourselves. 

The centres we use are 25mm and domed.